Short Getaway

Last weekend E and I head down to Batam for our much needed R&R. E, was the one in charged of this trip, told him he can choose whihever resort he wants, just let me know what to pack. 🙂

He choose KTM Resort, for only one reason, he likes the cottages :), he said it reminded him of a Bahay Kubo, back home.

Batam is just 45 mins to 1 hr travel by ferry from the sunny City of Singapore.

Sharing with you some of the photos i took during our stay. 😉


Going to Reception Area and Restaurant.


KTM Resort Feature Kwan IM statue.


Where we stayed, Beach Front Villas.


The view outside our room.


View from the restaurant. Some minor construction is going on. Luckily during our stay, no on going work since it was Hari Raya.


The largest hammock I’ve seen in my entire life! 🙂 Oh, so relaxing!


Even if I’m on holiday, i still managed to wake up very early, as early as 5:00 am! crazy i know. By 6:00 am, i decided to go down to the pool, and enjoy the morning air and enjoy the pool by myself, while everyone else are still asleep.


I really enjoyed our short getaway, and I can’t wait to go back to Batam again.

And oh, as they said, when you’re in Batam, you should eat SEAFOODS, SEAFOODS, SEAFOODS and have a MASSAGE! Yes, i did it! Stuffed myself with so much seafoods, since it cheap compared to Singapore, I had a massage too, 1 1/2 freaking hours of massage!

KTM Resort Jl. Kolonel Soegiono, Tanjung Pinggir, Kecamatan Sekupang, RT.Sambu, Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29432, Indonesia

Instant Fan

I’ve heard about 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) since last year, but I’ve never wasted my time in searching who are they, until today.

So, what made me decide to open chrome and searched who these guys are?

There is this song that got stuck in my head for the past months now, I know the title is “Amnesia” but I’m not really sure about the lyrics and the artist.

After hearing the song in the radio, I finally decided to check the lyrics and the artist, and boom! its 5SOS! I was a bit shocked, I never thought that the guys are really good, no wonder why a lot of teenagers are so gaga about them :), and now I’m an instant fan.

I promise to listen to all there songs, as of now I’ll stick with Amnesia as my favorite.