Three Weird Habits

Its the time of the month once again when my weirdness comes to life. Hurray for those parents, husbands and boyfriends who understands and tolerates us during this very difficult time. hahahaha… I have list down my 3 weird habits when the “red dam” breaks down.

Crying Festival


A week before the “red-tide”, I have this weird feeling of being emotional. I know a lot of woman feels the same way. In my case, I have this urge to cry. I felt like I’m carrying the world’s problem, thus the need to cry. I would always watch those dramas that made me cry, and I always fast forward it to the saddest part, and start crying! For the past months every time I want to have a crying fest, I would always watch “We Got Married” and choose the goodbye episode, and tadah… a bucket of tears.

Eating too Much (Food Coma)


Most woman is having the same issue as mine, food coma. For most, they would crave for chips, ice cream, cake or anything which is sweet or salty. But my case is different. Yes, I crave for chips too,  but I don’t eat chips alone, I always have it with rice. Sometimes chips and fruits or chips and bread. Weird. It’s always a weird combo for me. And today, I’m having bread with cream cheese paired with mango and coffee. Wanna have some? 😀

Sleeping in One Position


I didn’t realize that I have this weird habit until I got to college. My roommate back then pointed it out to me. She was worried that I was dead coz I was not moving at all. hahahaha. Sorry.

The Sunday Currently V23

The Sunday Currently 23

Last week, I finally decided to turn off my phone once the husband is back from work. He has been complaining a lot of times about my phone usage. Since I’m not working (for now) I have the whole day to use my phone. He asked me a couple of times to turn off my phone at night, and not sleep with it. The answer I always gave him is, I’m using it as an alarm! Which by the way a very lame excuse. 🙂 For the record, I am an early riser, with or without alarm.

I realized, their is no wrong in listening to my husbands request, so I gave in and turned off my phone. And decided to buy an alarm clock, just for the heck of having an alarm! hahaha… And by the way, its not just an ordinary clock, I bought the old school style! Oh, yeah the one which is very noisy, I’m pretty sure the husband will give me a death stare tomorrow morning, I cant wait. 🙂 🙂


After Earth by Haruki Murukami. This is my first Murukami book, don’t judge please. The genre I’ve been reading ever since is, Romance.

My 23rd entry to The Sunday Currently.


Drunken Truth. I first heard this song last year from Key, while watching Drinking Solo. I tried searching for the original version of this song, but I only found the covers. I like how Key sang this, but he did not sang the entire song so I opted to post Chen’s version. I’ve heard Kyuhyun and Onew’s covers too and they did an amazing job.

Going to the grocery and buy a loooootttt of CHIPS!!!

I can’t smell any, im having a bad cold. 😦

For a good cup of coffee.

I’m still in my jammies.


That I was able to see Bob Moffatt in person, “The Moffatts Farewell Concert”. Last week I had the chance to see them in person, probably that was the first and last. I’ve been a fan since first year high school. From song hits to posters, cassette tapes to fm radio, youtube to spotify, and finally watching them live. I had the time of my life, my 13 year old self was so happy dancing and singing. Did I shout, I Love You, Bob? Oh, yeah I did!

To rest. Really feeling bad.

To watch the latest episode of Tomorrow with You and Strong Woman Do bong Soon.


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