The Sunday Currently V33

Today I went out alone, and have some time with my self, hashtag alone time. Nahhh kidding. Since the husband is doing an over time, I went out and had lunch outside. As much as I wanted to say I hate eating alone, their are times that I'm okay with it.  Eating alone, means people... Continue Reading →


The Sunday Currently V32

Today's entry is very special, why? Coz, its our Mothers' birthday. Happy Birthday Mama Elsa!!! What's my birthday wish for her? Ahhh... this one is easy. I wish nothing but happiness and good health for her. Describe her in one word. Are you kidding me? How on earth I can describe her in just one... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Father!

To our late father, Papa Fredo Happy Birthday!!! Are you having a party with your friends now? Nah, I doubt it. I know you're just setting down in a sofa, with a bottle of Tanduay in hand while watching over us. 😉 Happy Birthday again Pa, I hope you know how much we miss you... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently V31

For the last seven years, we call Singapore our second home, and a lot has changed since the day we set our foot to this beautiful country. Though we've been here for sometime now, Singapore's beauty still takes my breath away. Every time I walk around Marina Bay, the feeling is always like its my... Continue Reading →

I Saw a Rainbow Today

Earlier today, the husband and I were planning to have lunch outside. Since its the weekend my laziness level went up high. Instead of preparing to go out, I dived into the bed and prepare myself for my early afternoon nap. 🙂 Being the good guy he is, he just let me do what I... Continue Reading →

Flower Appreciation Sunday

Our late grand mother loves flowers so much. I can still remember the way she took care of her flowery plants, watering them almost everyday and weeding them from time to time. But the most fascinating thing she did was talking to them! As a kid, I can't understand why she was doing it, until... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently V30

Hello September!!! Should I start sining "Wake Me Up When September Ends"? or should I start singing Christmas Carols? Can't blame me though, Im a Filipino, and back home when September comes, we started singing Christmas carols, yes we are that excited. 😉 It was a holiday when 1st September came, and the weather was... Continue Reading →

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